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Open, Public Meeting 

Friday, November 8th

Inventor Success Stories

Come to hear successful Inventors present their Product, Business and Market Development stories and how they navigated their way to success with their invention ideas!

We will bring together a variety of successful Southern California Inventors / Entrepreneurs for you to hear and network with. 

Spread the word!  Invite those creative friends of yours and join us for a fun and informative evening!

Hope to see you there!


Eureka Building

1621 Alton Pkwy.

Irvine, CA 92606

Friday November 8th  

Registration starts at 6:30 pm

Meeting Starts at 7:00 pm & last about two hours.

This is a Public Meeting. Inventors Forum membership is not required, But we'd LOVE IT if you JOINED (link below), to help us keep Innovation ALIVE!

Fees for attending Public Meetings: 

Members = $0 

Non-Members = $5 (some food provided)


The Inventor’s Forum is a 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT group.  We are a group of Product Developers, Business Professionals, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Patent Attorneys and creative people VOLUNTEERING to help would-be inventors objectively evaluate their invention's validity, network with friends, and to assist inventors with proceeding ‘SMARTLY’!

* Editor’s Note:  Move your ideas forward SMARTLY by Researching your idea without spending ANY money with ANY group or company until you first become educated in some options for your entrepreneurial journey ahead. Join The Inventors Forum and learn how!

((Invention companies are out there, heavily funded and aggressively pursuing the life blood of innovation; Inventor's personal funds!!))


The OC Inventors Forum enjoys celebrating the successes of the Men and Women Inventors who are doing wonderful things in our own So Cal community!  


Please SIGN the PETITION with OUR FRIENDS at US Inventor 

 HERE:  to save the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of ALL CITIZENS, which for 229 years have allowed YOU to OWN YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!! That is changing rapidly!


Please watch the movie INVALIDATED for an EYE OPENING look into THE CORPORATE POWERS at play upon YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.                      The MOVIE: INVALIDATED, is available FREE on Amazon PRIME or $2.99 to rent HERE:

Friday, November 8th

Inventor Success Stories

Private Member Assistance Meetings


Our calendar is DARK for the remainder of 2019, except for the FINAL PUBLIC EVENT:

Inventor Success Stories

Join us Friday, November 8th to close out 2019!

We have enjoyed all the Inventors who privately shared some part of their journey with us in 2019. 

We look forward to being back AFTER THE HOLIDAYS in January, 2020...

Make sure you are a member so you receive the notice when we start up again. Let's all help innovation thrive into 2020! 

Thanks Everyone,  See you at The Eureka Building on the 8th!



Urban Workshop 

365-A Clinton Street 

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

These Private meetings are the core strength of the Inventors Forum.  They are available to paid members only.  Here, you can present your ideas for feedback and assistance from the other members in a safe environment.  All members are required to sign a mutual NDA to attend. 

Non-Members can join now (BELOW), or by arriving early to the meeting.

These Private meetings are held on the LAST Friday of the Month. 

Fees for attending:    

MEMBERS = $5  

NON-Members...  JOIN our non-profit group, safely advance your invention ideas and bring your knowledge to help others; ALL for ONLY $50 for the ENTIRE YEAR! & Only $25 for Students (W/valid ID), & Seniors!


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